How Can a Virtual Assistant Help Me With My Bookkeeping Virtually?

I get this question asked quite a bit as many small business owners just don’t like bookkeeping or don’t have the time. I can tell you that virtual bookkeeping can be done pretty easily but it does depend on what system you have in place and how comfortable you are with delegating to your virtual bookkeeper.

The first consideration:

1. Accounting Program. If you are using QuickBooks, Peachtree or any other accounting software, you need to make sure that your version is the same as the virtual bookkeeper. Most accounting programs will allow you to restore a file from either the same version or version below (QuickBooks Pro 2009) but then you would not be able to restore the file back down to your version (QuickBooks Pro 2008). Most QuickBooks ProAdvisors do have multiple versions of QuickBooks on their computers. I personally have clients still using much older versions and they have opted not to upgrade because the version just works fine for them Small Business.

2. Another option is QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks online allows 3 users to access the account (business owner, bookkeeper and accountant). What is nice about QuickBooks Online, is you do not need to purchase software each year and the file is backed up on the Intuit server every day. You can also access the file from anywhere you have computer access – from your home office, if you travel frequently – from the hotel, or even review the file directly from your accountant’s office. The QuickBooks Online version is different than the desktop version but if you just use QuickBooks for invoicing and entering payables, this method will work fine for you. If you are thinking about using QuickBooks online, please discuss with your QuickBooks ProAdvisor and they can explain the different packages available as well as help set up your account. The monthly fee is between $9.95 – $34.95 depending on what package you select and keep in mind that most QuickBooks ProAdvisors do pass on their discounts to their clients.

3. You can also use remote access sites such as logmein, gotomypc or pcanywhere where the virtual bookkeeper can log into your computer, access your QuickBooks file and update as needed. The only problem with using this method is it will prevent you from using your computer at the same time as the bookkeeper and usually the entering transactions can take a little bit more time due to type of internet connection you have.

The second consideration: how do I get the information to the bookkeeper. There are a few ways to handle this and again it will depend on what process works best for you and the bookkeeper.

1. Set up a file folder for each month of the year – January through December. Throughout the month, insert your credit card receipts, vendor bills, and cash outlays into the appropriate file folder. When the bank statement is received, you can then send the file folder to the bookkeeper via Priority Mail, Express Mail, FedEx or UPS. Once the bookkeeper receives the file, the credit card charges are entered into the accounting program and the statement reconciled along with your business bank accounts. For this method, most clients do pay their vendor bills and send the check stubs to the bookkeeper for reconciling. Once the reconciliations have been completed, the bookkeeper will email you the monthly financial reports (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet) and mail back to you all the receipts, which have now been attached to the appropriate statements (bank or credit card) for filing.

2. For client invoicing, you can email, fax or mail the information needed for preparing the client invoice. For monthly invoicing, a master invoice template can be set up with the client filing in the necessary information and then emailing to the bookkeeper for completion. The virtual bookkeeper can prepare and either mail or email the invoice on your behalf. The virtual bookkeeper can also help you in keeping close tabs on your accounts receivable.

3. For those of you who have online banking, it is very easy to use a virtual bookkeeper. There are a couple of ways this can be done – you can download your bank activity weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and email the information to the bookkeeper for entry along with the monthly bank statement when it is available.

For those of you who have had a long, established relationship with your bookkeeper, you can assign access to them through your bank, and they would then be able to log in and download the transactions and bank statements themselves. You can also email your bookkeeper vendor invoices with suggested payment dates and the bookkeeper can set up the vendor for payment through your online bank account.

Lastly, finding a virtual bookkeeper. You can certainly contact your accountant and ask if they can recommend a bookkeeper to help with your monthly transactions. Many bookkeepers do work closely with their client’s accountants. Throughout the year I am sending QB files for quarterly or six review for tax planning discussions that my clients have with their accountant. Another idea would be to ask other business owners that you know and ask them who assist’s them with their bookkeeping.


Online Movie Rental Sites – What Do They Can Offer You?

filmy online We are living in a world where individuals have less time for in every single place from keeping in touch with chums and circle of relatives members to taking the time to celeb after work for a movie apartment. in spite of the fact that, one of the great things about the Internet is that you can find just about whatever thing you might need here: you can not only order your groceries or garments online, however you can even find many online movie condo sites from which to order films or circulation tv displays and closing. Online movie condo sites make sure you can unwind without having to be anxious about late prices or having the time to go and decide upon up a flick. The following are just a few of the many things online movie apartment sites can be offering you.

One of the greatest things about using online movie leases is that you can browse hundreds upon hundreds of choices all from the comforts of your own home. This way, you don’t have to get dressed and rush to the video store only to realize they do not have the show or movie you want to watch. Thus, online movie condo sites be offering americans a vivid and handy want to are searching for out much-needed entertainment.

Online movie restoration have some thing that condo stores do not have: You can often wildlife content material prone to onto your laptop. Couple this with the fact that many televisions can be hooked up to computer systems, and you have a perfect night with a few of your favourite displays and remaining. This guarantees that you can watch what you want to watch without having to wait for the mail. Really, this kind of sites have revolutionized how americans adventure tv displays and remaining. Not only this, however by viewing content material car parking zone, you will not have to be troubled about returning DVDs or about late charge. This makes your life that much less stressful!

Final Tip: By studying and evaluating the finest Online Movie leases obtainable in the market you will get the finest deal possible, lots of even hundreds of movie downloads at the least expensive price. however, you are welcome to take knowledge of the fabric already indexed in our website, we have accomplished all the hard work for you.

“Najnowsze filmy i seriale online. Najwieksza baza dostepna w Internecie. Ogladaj bez sciagania i bez zadnych limitów. Filmy online z
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Quit Drinking Alcohol – Proven Strategies To End Drinking

As way of livings grow as well as transform, you may find yourself seeking ways to quit drinking alcohol. Possibly you are ready to put your high school or college alcohol consumption days behind you. Perhaps your family is currently your concern and also you are looking for some guidance in dropping the liquor. Possibly you are simply tired of the same old bar scene and are looking for much healthier tasks in your life. Whatever the reason, there are techniques to track your drinking and also means to cut back that will bring about much less alcohol intake and inevitably will help you to stop drinking alcohol completely.

If you are taking into consideration quitting, it is essential to take a look at the reasons that you wish to stop alcohol consumption. Composing these factors down is important due to the fact that it tests you to actually analyze your need to free your life of alcohol. There is no negative need to quit, yet each factor should be thought through meticulously.

When making your list of reasons why you intend to give up, you might have considerations of other individuals crucial in your life. Maybe your children, partner, parents or friends are adding consider your choice. Urge yourself to additionally consider exactly what advantages giving up will have for you directly. Will you have a lot more energy? Will you have a clearer mind? Will certainly this decision make you a far better moms and dad or how to quit drinking

When you have clarified your partner or pal? very own reasons for stopping, spend some time on keeping a drinking journal. Make use of the next month to tape-record every alcoholic beverage you eat, where you are when it is consumed and also how long it requires to consume it. Knowing just what your alcohol consumption behaviors are as well as recording them will aid in the general procedure of stopping.

You may shock on your own with just how much or how typically you are consuming alcohol. It is often not proactively thought of when you are with a team of good friends throwing back a few beers. However, what might look like just a couple of might really be 6 or seven. Making yourself familiar with your usage will much better prepare you for cutting down.

After you have actually taped your alcohol consumption habits for a few weeks, notification when and also where you are consuming most. Make it an objective to cut down throughout these times. Rather than having three drinks in a row, supplement with water or soda for each other beverage. Take sips of your beverages rather than gulps as well as refrain from participating in drinking difficulties.

Your social activity could be fixated alcohol consumption, however if you are substituting each drink with a nonalcoholic beverage your social event most likely won’t observe. Enjoyable will still be had by all and you won’t attract much focus on your own as well as your decision to quit drinking alcohol.

If you find yourself drinking primarily in the house, attempt the very same strategy. Make every other drink without alcohol. Note how quickly you eat each drink and also aim to increase that time. If it generally takes you ten mins to complete a beverage, aim to make it last twenty mins. As the quantity of time rises as well as the alcohol reduces, you will locate the change to stop becoming simpler.

Now you could learn how you can quit drinking alcohol without mosting likely to a medical professional or support group. Discover basic yet powerful methods to stop alcohol consumption alcohol on your own and discover just how you can lastly quit the bottle permanently. Simply click on the above web link as well as get started on your trip towards a new, better as well as alcohol-free life.


Adding a Vintage Diamond Tennis Bracelet to Your Collection

When something evokes a nostalgic feeling of past times, it can be considered a vintage inspiration. One example of this is collecting vintage jewelry. By definition, vintage jewelry can be a multitude of things. It can be a jewelry piece owned by a family that is passed around like an heirloom, or a modern jewelry design that incorporates antique elements such as mill-grain detailing, or filigree edge Diamond Size Comparsion on Hand .

Many people practice the popular hobby of collecting a vintage diamond bracelet; where the act of finding these rarities is the hobby. By finding the antique item, or vintage looking item, a sense of fulfillment can overcome the shopper. Sometimes it is not possible to identify what year something was made, unless it is still with the original paperwork or has a stamp on it representing the year.

Current designers are addressing the popularity of vintage style jewelry by making jewelry that appeal to all decades of women while revealing a loveliness of the past. One set of expert craftsmen created a vintage dreams tennis bracelet which has modern features such as round shaped diamonds, but a unique two prong setting and oval shaped link. Intricate mill-grain edge detailing gives this design an extraordinary twinkle.

A vintage bracelet will remain unique whether it is made in yellow gold, white gold or platinum because the design features are one of a kind. When looking for a vintage tennis bracelet, look for a design that strikes you as attractive and then customize it to your liking. Play with the size of the diamonds in comparison to the gold or platinum setting to really see how it will look. Whether the idea is to collect or accessorize your outfit, vintage jewelry has great value.


How To Start An Office Cleaning Business In A Few Simple Steps

If you are making plans on getting into the cleansing business, you may be pondering how to start an workplace cleansing business. It’s a simple way to make money by cleansing places of work or even large properties and house complexes. It is a business that you can start on a low finances and purposeful it from your own home Bond cleaning Melbourne. Why rent a advertisement workplace area for a cleansing business if most of your work will be carried out at other people’s offices?

You can do away with paying rent for workplace area as long as you have primary workplace gear at home like a telephone, pc, internet connection and workplace gives. You may additionally use your storage as a storeroom for your cleansing accessories and gives. It isn’t going to be difficult to be told how to start an workplace cleansing business if you observe these simple guidelines.

The first thing you need to do is to write a business plan. A business plan can come in convenient when and if you need to borrow money to open an workplace cleansing company. If you method a financial institution for a mortgage, your banker will want to see a business plan that displays you can set-up a financial disaster business. Of course your banker’s main concern is that you can make a business work so you can benefit and then pay off the loan.

an alternative competencies to writing a business plan is that, you will uncover how to start an workplace cleansing business because you will have to do analysis about getting accessories and gives. You will find out how to purposeful the business and manage it. You will additionally touch on marketing options, worker education, and make a few benefit projections. By the time you are carried out with a business plan, you will know more about the trade than ever before.

a few things you will need to buy for your cleansing business are cleansing equipment like mops, rags, flooring polishers, high-powered vacuum cleaners, and heavy-duty force washers. Then, there are cleansing gives and answers like cleaning soap, bleach, ground wax, stain removers, bathroom cleaners, and upholstery and carpet shampoo amongst other things. an alternative thing you additionally need to buy is a car, doubtless a van or truck, to take you and your accessories to and fro offices.

When you are mulling about how to start an workplace cleansing business, don’t forget to consider getting coverage. fundamental legal responsibility coverage will save your company from economic deceive in case some thing is broken all of the one of your cleansing jobs. When you or your workforce need to blank places of work, you have to move accessories like copy machines, computer systems and furnishings. If whatever thing is broken, you can fall back on coverage to pay for the damages in its place of paying for them from your own pocket.

Even if you are working this business from your home, you still have to make it a reliable business by registering your workplace cleansing company with the business bureau, getting the makes it possible for to purposeful it, and dossier the necessary paperwork for taxes. Get the facilities of a legal professional and accountant if these particulars appear to be a bit overwhelming. A legal professional can additionally examine criminal paperwork, draft workplace cleansing contracts, and arrange waivers.


Mencari rumah pertamamu?

Apakah ada hal yang lebih menarik atau sesat daripada membeli rumah pertama Anda? Dengan membuat keputusan untuk pulang, ada kemungkinan naik roller coaster yang serba cepat, yaitu pasang surut, loop dan semua roller coaster di antaranya agen bola tangkas indonesia. Saya di sini untuk memberi tahu Anda jika Anda berada di roller coaster Anda sendiri dan Anda mungkin berada di sana untuk menghadapi dunia yang bermasalah sehingga Anda siap dan tidak terikat. Untuk membeli rumah bukankah Anda melakukannya dengan sungguh-sungguh tapi merupakan pengalaman yang Anda pelajari, simpan dan keringat banyak waktu.

Jadi Anda mungkin bertanya-tanya apakah Anda sedang melakukan pekerjaan besar untuk memiliki rumah pertama. Ada beberapa pertanyaan yang akan membantu Anda mengatur ini:

Mengapa penting bagi Anda untuk membeli rumah?
Seberapa stabil riwayat pekerjaan Anda?
Seberapa baik Anda menangani keuangan Anda dengan baik?
Apakah Anda memiliki banyak hutang?
Bagaimana kelayakan kreditmu?
Apakah Anda memiliki kesabaran untuk mengambil proses pembelian rumah?

Daftar di atas tidak lengkap, inilah titik yang bisa Anda pikirkan.

Saya berada dalam situasi yang sama dengan orang normal saya. Aku bosan menjadi lessor. Saya berurusan dengan keuangan dengan cukup baik (saya tidak sempurna tapi …!), Saya tidak memiliki hutang Akhirnya saya menginginkan tempat putri saya dan saya dapat menyebutnya “rumah.” Saya akui bahwa saya jujur ​​dan daftar nomor 6 agak sulit bagi saya. Saya yakin bahwa saya tidak sabar menunggu agen saya mendarat di rumah pertama sehingga saya bisa keluar dari rambut saya. Mungkin butuh waktu untuk membeli rumah. Percayalah, seperti yang saya tahu!

Alasan mengapa saya membuat situs ini adalah karena orang lain ingin membantu rumah yang sesuai untuk mereka. Seperti yang saya sebutkan tadi, saya sedang dalam proses membeli tempat pertama. Semua alat dan petunjuk yang saya dapatkan dalam perjalanan dapat membantu seseorang jika berhasil. Seiring kita mengeksplorasi kepemilikan perumahan bersama, kita akan mengerjakan poin penting seperti kredit, tip real estat, hipotek, agensi, sistem perpajakan dan bahkan perbaikan / perawatan.

Visit :


Anggaran Pada Dekorasi pernikahan yang indah

Dekorasi pernikahan merupakan elemen penting dalam pernikahan Anda. Terutama karena ini memberi tahu tamu Anda visi yang Anda miliki untuk pernikahan Anda. Ini menunjukkan kepada mereka warna, gaya, dan penglihatan Anda sendiri apakah itu tema pedesaan funky, musiman yang elegan, asyik, menyenangkan. Suasana atau suasana hati yang ingin Anda ciptakan untuk tamu Anda dan formal (formal vs. casual) semuanya menyalurkan dekorasi Anda. Untuk memastikan semuanya ditangkap, mintalah fotografer Anda untuk benar-benar memasukkan elemen dekorasi pernikahan Anda sehingga visi Anda akan tetap hidup!

Banyak orang berpikir bahwa dekorasi pernikahan mahal tapi tidak harus. Ada begitu banyak cara Anda memiliki dekorasi pernikahan yang indah terlepas dari anggaran Anda. Berikut adalah empat tip untuk membantu Anda menggunakan dekorasi agar hari Anda lebih indah:

1. Memanfaatkan tempat Anda: beberapa tempat atau restoran menyediakan barang-barang seperti linen, serbet dan penutup kursi, tip saya hanya untuk memastikan Anda melihat pernikahan disiapkan dengan dekorasi. Saya menemukan tempat yang berat, sobek, sangat tua dan tidak serasi “tempat / penyedia rendering dekorasi”. Jadi periksa kembali dan lihat set-up sebelum membuat komitmen untuk menempatkan / menata dekorasi. Anda selalu dapat meng-upgrade linen Anda atau menambahkan sentuhan Anda seperti selempang kursi, lapisan meja, meja upgrade dekorasi kursi, dll melalui perusahaan dekorasi pernikahan atau pernikahan melalui perusahaan rental.

2. dekorasi meja : Jika Anda ingin membuatnya terlihat seperti Anda menghabiskan banyak uang untuk mendekorasi meja tamu Anda, taruh nikmat pernikahan Anda dalam kemasan yang bagus di mana saja. Ini menawarkan presentasi yang bagus dan jika Anda memiliki kemasan dan tali yang indah yang sesuai dengan tema Anda, tambahkan sentuhan akhir dan lebih banyak warna ke meja juga. Untuk penggunaan sentral Anda, Anda bisa menggunakan lilin murah, permata berwarna atau kelopak sutra yang bisa Anda ambil di toko dolar lokal Anda. Jika Anda tidak memiliki anggaran yang besar untuk kain yang telah diupgrade lalu pergilah dengan pelari meja dan pilih serbet berwarna putih.

3. Pencahayaan: Pastikan menghabiskan sebagian dari anggaran Anda untuk pencahayaan. Jika tamu Anda tidak bisa melihat dekorasi pernikahan Anda maka uangnya tidak dibelanjakan dengan baik. Pencahayaan ruangan penuh jauh lebih terjangkau daripada yang disadari banyak orang dan bisa menciptakan suasana yang perlu diingat dan membuat tamu Anda oh dan ah saat mereka masuk. Anda juga bisa memiliki pencahayaan warna-warni untuk area kepala header Anda untuk menciptakan titik sentuh yang kuat. Anda juga bisa bekerja dengan tempat menggunakan pencahayaan untuk menampilkan inisial – efek bagus yang terlihat terlalu mahal! Jika Anda benar-benar dengan budget yang ketat maka pertimbangkan untuk menggunakan lilin atau lampu LED dimanapun Anda berada.

4. Bunga pada Anggaran: Ada beberapa bunga besar di luar sana yang tidak mahal dan penuh dengan bunga yang lebih murah, tabungan benar-benar bisa menambah. Menggunakan bunga seperti Kuba, Carnation, Chamomile, Moms, anak bernafas dan bunga musiman benar-benar bisa menghemat uang. Jadi, pastikan untuk berbicara dengan semua orang yang melakukan bunganya dan memberi tahu anggaran Anda dan meminta cara untuk menabung. Pastikan Anda menggunakan kembali bunga Anda dari resepsi dan resepsi sampai pernikahan Anda dan pengiring pengantin bunga bisa menjadi bunga untuk meja kepala Anda, bunganya dapat menandai koridor menjadi pusat, dll.

Untuk tips hebat tentang dekorasi, kunjungi situs web saya,

Ingin menggunakan artikel ini di newsletter, blog atau website anda? Selamat datang selama Anda menyertakan yang berikut …

Desain pernikahan yang dirancang, Stephanie Thompson, menerbitkan “Harapan Pernikahan Stephanie Thompson” dua kali seminggu dengan 3100+ pelanggan.

Jika Anda siap untuk dan tamu Anda, jadilah lebih menyenangkan dan pastikan Anda mendapatkan semua yang Anda inginkan untuk hari pernikahan Anda, kemudian dapatkan tip gratis untuk pernikahan Anda sekarang di [].





pubg esp free If you donâEUR ™ t have the video game yet do yourself a favor as well as download pubg finest game worldwide. pubg defeats Invasion as well as DayZ hands down. The settings are substantial, in game graphics are incredible, and also whatever really feels best in the game.

So let me tell you specifically how the hack works and also just how it can aid you when you play pubg. Firstly see the pubg rip off video below. If you enjoy Totally free 2 Play games you may also wish to have a look at our new PUBG Hack.


The initial point, our programmer (R4Z8R) did, was include ESP in the ready our VIP individuals. ESP represents extrasensory perception or second sight. Implying when you launch the pubg Hack you go to any server, as well as you could see everything with the ESP.

pubg Cheat

Generally when you get in pubg servers you have to search everywhere for weapons, apparel, things, various other gamers, and so on. Searching can take you hours and hours just to locate one weapon. Below you could see an early image of the IWantCheats ESP inside the video game. It shows you other gamers, the gamer names, tools, clothing, all things, etc. Implying you have no search time; you could locate the best tools and also all the things you might ever before desire. While various other individuals waste hours as well as hrs looking for just a few things, you can have your supply totally filled in simply a short quantity of time. As a result of BE we currently only consist of gamer ESP in order to help you discover every enemy gamer in all times.


The existing pubg King of the Eliminate Hack Aimbot was handicapped and also currently we just use ESP, which is a solid benefit over every person else. BattlEye is extremely great at discovering cheats so the amount of attributes we can offer you and also keep you risk-free is limited to ESP. This is still an excellent help since you could see each and every single player in game in any way times which helps you plan attacks and obtain away much faster and conceal if required.


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Presently the only function we have actually made it possible for is gamer ESP which shows a red glowing orb around every adversary player.

The pubg Aimbot was discontinued as a result of Go To other sites obtaining everyone banned. The older pubg Aimbot would lock onto any kind of player with the touch of a button. After that you simply hit fire and also take them out and never get eliminated again. Right here is a wonderful break down of all the pubg Cheat includes we prepare to include. Remember these all obtain launched when we complete the code, so you obtain upgraded daily for cost-free.


Not offered anymore to maintain the account risk-free from BE.

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Gamer: See every gamer on the map in any way times.

pubg BONUS

Wallhack: See every gamer behind wall surfaces or items.

pubg Anti-Cheat

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pubg aimbot

Firstly the game is free to play. You can download the game when itâEUR ™ s get released or pay $20 for the early Alpha that just got launched.

Put simply this has to be the most effective zombie game IâEUR ™ ve ever before played. The graphics, gamer versions, maps, pets, weapons, and so on are all stunning on my computer system. If you loved WarZ/Infestation Survivor Stories or Dayz, after that pubg is for you. This game beats both of those games by far, without even attempting. Now pubg is the leading marketing game on Vapor, itâEUR ™ s insane popular and also an increasing number of individuals are playing daily.

Crafting in the game is among the finest functions of the video game, you could build communities, and also various other gamers can burn them down. So you have to strive to protect your zones. The advancement group is discussing countless players on one server; they are still checking on this release so we will see if it works out or not. We heard you could relocate everywhere by strolling, riding horses, vehicles, and also feasible aircrafts, howâEUR ™ s that for outstanding?

pubg is just for the COMPUTER presently, but the developers are discussing releasing it on consoles as well.

If you take a look at the pubg discussion forums, information resources and other MMO followers that enjoy zombie games youâEUR ™ ll see pubg will end up taking control of DayZ and Infestation. Everybody loves the video game, and a substantial quantity of new buyers are getting the video game every day!


Alternativa Ao Exodus Kodi Addon

Aqui te deixo uma excelente fonte para instalares os melhores Addons e listas de IPtv para teu KODI. Se você confirmar a exclusão de dados no Kodi, isso significa que Kodi foi restaurado para os padrões de fábrica, todos os addons, peles e configurações em seus dispositivos Kodi serão apagados completamente. XBMC executa praticamente qualquer formato de vídeo, como MP4, MKV, AVI e outros, e suporta legendas em formatosrt. Ele é um app gratuito e de código aberto, com suporte a várias plataformas além do Android, para ouvir música, ver filmes, séries e canais de TV ao vivo e muito mais. Os vídeos têm os melhores resultados no Facebook.

Esse app tu que coloca a lista de canais, ou seja ficou off todos os canais ou filmes só procurar outra no google ou bing e adicionar no app. Este aparelho conecta-se À TV por cabo RCA ou cabo HDMI, e à internet, por cabo de rede ou WiFi, e vem com diversos aplicativos, muito mais que uma Smart TV. Principalmente aqueles que têm sistema Android, são incomparavelmente superiores na qualidade e diversidade de aplicativos que os seus concorrentes. RPi consome 43,94 kWh por ano ( fonte ) e custo da energia elétrica residencial fornecida pela Eletropaulo é de R$ 0,24 kWh ( fonte ). Não considerei custo de energia do HD que armazena os vídeos, do roteador de rede e do modem, que provavelmente não passam de R$15 por ano para cada dispositivo e já ficariam ligados tempo inteiro de qualquer maneira.

Já tentei fazer na versão 5.0.0, adaptando algumas diferenças da melhor forma possível, e setup não fica tão robusto quanto você diz que fica. Addon Guia TV tras informação em tempo Real da programação dos Canais. Também pode explorar seus favoritos ou pesquisar para encontrar os melhores vídeos na web. MXQ Pro vem com Android 5.1 modificado, possui Google Play (Play Store) nativa e alguns aplicativos como Facebook, Twitter, Kodi que entre várias coisas, permite que você assista canais de TV, assista filmes e músicas, ele também é único aplicativo que conseguiu executar vídeos em 4K sem travar.

Se sistema operativo da smart tv for android, ainda melhor, basta instalar a aplicação KODI. Conheça os 3 melhores Add-ons Kodi para assistir filmes, canais de TV, rádio, séries entre muitos outros. Qualquer pessoa disposta a desbloquear seu sistema de jogo de volta, em seguida, poderia instalar este software para assistir seus próprios arquivos de vídeo – a partir do disco rígido XBox interna ou a partir de um compartilhamento de rede – e até mesmo reproduzir algum vídeo da web. No campo de busca do menu Iniciar digite , ache seu SD Card na lista.

Programas de TV e filmes são todos apenas alguns cliques de distância, tudo dentro de uma interface agradável. Mas (porém, todavia) tenho uma, ou melhor duas dicas, os addons: rogger stream e Igor lista que contornam esse problema. Ative skin Amber para continuar Lista IPTV seguindo os passos deste tutorial. Na versão mais recente do Kodi, pode aceder facilmente aos seus addons na tab Add-ons” do menu principal. Milhares estão se voltando para Kodi para seus propósitos streaming – seja esporte ao vivo, TV ou filmes.


Como manter seu computador fresco

Quando o computador está ligado, quase todos os seus componentes ficam quentes. A exposição constante a altas temperaturas pode causar sérios danos ao seu computador.

Aqui está uma lista de maneiras de manter seu PC legal computador.

Verifique se seus fãs estão funcionando.

Este é o primeiro passo quando você encontra o superaquecimento do seu computador. Abra o gabinete e verifique se todos os fãs ainda estão funcionando. Se pelo menos um não estiver funcionando mais, considere fazer reparos ou obter uma substituição.

Limpe regularmente o seu computador.

É essencial limpar regularmente o seu computador, especialmente os ventiladores de resfriamento. Os ventiladores anexados dentro da caixa do computador são usados ​​para o resfriamento ativo do computador. Ao longo do tempo, poeira e sujeira podem se acumular nesses ventiladores. A acumulação de sujeira pode diminuir a velocidade ou, pior ainda, impedir que os ventiladores funcionem. Se os ventiladores falharem em expulsar o ar quente o suficiente, algumas partes internas acabarão por sobreaquecer.

Para limpar o seu ventilador de refrigeração:

1. Desligue seu PC.

2. Abra a caixa do computador.

3. Se houver sujidade excessiva dentro da caixa do computador, tire a ventoinha do computador.

4. Você pode usar ar comprimido, vácuo eletrônico pequeno ou espanador ou pano úmido na limpeza do ventilador.

5. Se você usar um pano úmido, verifique se a ventoinha de resfriamento está seca ou não há umidade restante antes de conectá-lo novamente.

Limpe também outras peças do computador, como o monitor, mouse e teclado.

Antes de limpar qualquer componente de hardware, verifique se a máquina está desligada. Caso contrário, seu computador é suscetível a descarga eletrostática que pode danificar suas partes e você também está propenso a se aterrar.

Antes de aplicar qualquer procedimento de limpeza ao hardware, certifique-se de verificar o manual do fabricante caso tenha fornecido as instruções recomendadas para limpá-lo ou mantê-lo.

Não pulverize ou derrame líquidos diretamente nas peças do computador.

Não limite o fluxo de ar ao redor do seu computador.

Coloque o computador em uma sala que possa fornecer fluxo de ar suficiente. Certifique-se de que não está sentado imediatamente em outros objetos que impedem a circulação de ar, como paredes ou outros computadores. Deve haver pelo menos dois a três centímetros de espaço em ambos os lados. Uma vez que a maior parte do ar quente sai do respiradouro na parte traseira do gabinete do computador, esta parte deve ser completamente clara e aberta.

Mova o seu computador para um ambiente mais frio e limpo.

Mova o seu PC num local com ventilação adequada. É importante que a localização física não contribua com mais calor para o computador. Certifique-se de que o seu PC não seja colocado perto de um forno, geladeira, utensílios de cozinha e outras coisas que possam soprar ar quente ou podem transferir calor para o seu sistema de computador.

Para evitar o superaquecimento do seu PC, é aconselhável colocá-lo em um quarto com ar-condicionado.

Nota: tenha cuidado ao mover o computador para evitar danos em componentes sensíveis dentro dele, como a CPU, placa gráfica, disco rígido e placa-mãe.

Use seu computador com o caso fechado.

Parece lógico deixar o caso aberto enquanto o computador está funcionando para mantê-lo mais frio. Isso é verdade. No entanto, a sujeira e o pó se acumularão e obstruirão os ventiladores do computador mais rápido quando o gabinete for aberto. Isso pode fazer com que os ventiladores diminuam a velocidade ou falhem ao resfriar seu computador.