Adding a Vintage Diamond Tennis Bracelet to Your Collection


When something evokes a nostalgic feeling of past times, it can be considered a vintage inspiration. One example of this is collecting vintage jewelry. By definition, vintage jewelry can be a multitude of things. It can be a jewelry piece owned by a family that is passed around like an heirloom, or a modern jewelry design that incorporates antique elements such as mill-grain detailing, or filigree edge Diamond Size Comparsion on Hand .

Many people practice the popular hobby of collecting a vintage diamond bracelet; where the act of finding these rarities is the hobby. By finding the antique item, or vintage looking item, a sense of fulfillment can overcome the shopper. Sometimes it is not possible to identify what year something was made, unless it is still with the original paperwork or has a stamp on it representing the year.

Current designers are addressing the popularity of vintage style jewelry by making jewelry that appeal to all decades of women while revealing a loveliness of the past. One set of expert craftsmen created a vintage dreams tennis bracelet which has modern features such as round shaped diamonds, but a unique two prong setting and oval shaped link. Intricate mill-grain edge detailing gives this design an extraordinary twinkle.

A vintage bracelet will remain unique whether it is made in yellow gold, white gold or platinum because the design features are one of a kind. When looking for a vintage tennis bracelet, look for a design that strikes you as attractive and then customize it to your liking. Play with the size of the diamonds in comparison to the gold or platinum setting to really see how it will look. Whether the idea is to collect or accessorize your outfit, vintage jewelry has great value.

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